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Rewire your remote team.

Are you managing a remote team and feel like something's not working?

We can help you get to the bottom of it.

How do we know what's going wrong?

We work with a lot of teams, and we see the SAME 5 dynamics again and again.

Want to know if your team is making avoidable mistakes?

Join 400+ teams that have used our frameworks and techniques to build focus and connection in their remote teamwork.

"You know when you can't grasp something until it has a name? You've named our issues. I now feel empowered to make changes."

Remote work can be a powerful way to collaborate. You can build more diverse teams, transition teams from performative to high-performance, create spaces of focus and connection.

But a lot of times remote work ends up being a notification-fueled mess.

Our starter kit takes a few minutes a day over 5 days. You'll better understand your problems, and get proven strategies to short circuit them.

Rewire your remote team

Want to know if your team is making avoidable mistakes?

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